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About Us

Snuva, Incorporated

Snuva, Inc., Medical Innovators, founded in 1989 by Charles L. Swarts, M.D. & Mr. Richard Boylan, introduced NA-ZONE® & Derm-Apply®.  Both are formulated to be different from any items on the market and please do not allow anyone to tell you that there is something just like them in stock.  These are not, "me too" products.

Snuva has been approved by government regulatory authorities including: FDA, FTC, NDC, UPC, DEA, OSHA, and has approval by HCFA for Medicaid Prescriptions.

Derm-Apply is being recommended by many prominent physicians to patients with problems such as the itching caused by hemo-dialysis, eczema, psoriasis, vasculitis and seborrhea.  It is soothing also for sunburn, insect bites and hives.  Made to the consistency of skim milk, it easily penetrates through the hair to the scalp and will ease itching, while keeping hair soft and manageable.  With none of the usual fillers it is very concentrated, making it cost effective.  These properties make Derm-Apply® very useful to Veterinarians.

NA-ZONE® is made sterile, to the correct pH and salinity of normal nasal secretions.  Containing no alcohol or thimerosal there is no bad odor or burning sensation when used on debrided surfaces.  It is in an easily squeezable plastic container and priced to be competitive even with generics.  It acts as an inexpensive portable humidifier for the nose and has been effective even for patients with Sjogrens Syndrome!  NA-ZONE® can be used by any age group.  NA-ZONE® is non-toxic and can be used as often as desired.


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