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NA-ZONE® is a STERILE SALINE NASAL SPRAY designed to match the sodium chloride & the pH of normal nasal secretions.Na-Zone

  1. The only sterile saline nasal spray.
  2. Contains no irritating pungent Benzyl alcohol or phenylcarbinol.
  3. Contains no sensitizing Thimerosal; a mercurial.
  4. Is made to duplicate the physiological pH & sodium chloride content found in normal nasal secretions.
  5. Is supplied in an easy to grip & squeeze spray bottle.
  6. Has no known side effects & may be used as often as desired, by all ages.
  7. Is priced competitively & is less irritating & easier to use than most other saline nasal sprays.


NA-ZONE® acts safely as a portable inexpensive, intra-nasal humidifier.

By adding Humidity to the nasal air passages, NA-ZONE® helps to normalize the nasal mucus membranes by moisturizing the surfaces.

NA-ZONE® helps prevent crusting, maceration and nose bleeds.

NA-ZONE® helps patients with allergies and respiratory infections by thinning the excess mucus produced.

NA-ZONE® has been useful in relieving the dryness of Sjogren’s Syndrome and other severe intra-nasal drying diseases.

NA-ZONE® is essentially non-toxic and can be used as often as desired and can be used with other intranasal medications.

NA-ZONE® can be used as a vehicle for intra-nasal medications when prescribed by a physician.

NA-ZONE® has been approved by HCFA for Medicaid prescriptions.


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